Green card

The green card is an international proof of insurance for your vehicle. The green card is provided by the insurance company when you take out car insurance. You will need a temporary green card to export a vehicle. We can apply for this green card for you.

Green card for exporting a vehicle

When exporting a vehicle, a green card is also required for liability insurance. In that case, the green card serves as an international proof of insurance with liability coverage. It is valid for fifteen days. You can apply for the international proof of insurance online. In additional to personal information, you will also be required to enter information about the vehicle itself, like the Dutch licence plate number or that of the export licence plate, as well as the vehicle’s brand and chassis number. The premium of the international proof of insurance is dependent on the type of vehicle. It always provides standard coverage for a period of fifteen days when exporting a vehicle.

Content of the green card as an international proof of insurance

On the green card, the insurer lists in which countries the car insurance offers coverage. It also mentions which vehicle is covered, as well as the period during which the vehicle is insured. That is not all the information on the green card, however. It usually also lists which (inter)national organisations can be contacted in case of an accident, mechanical failure or theft.

Green card and European accident report form

In the event of an accident with the car, the green card number can be filled out on the European accident report form. The green card number is listed under point 4, followed by the terms Country Code/Insurer Code/Number. In the Netherlands, the European accident report form can also be filled out without the green card number. The insurance company has the option to access information about, for example, the insured and the insurance provider. This information is not always available in foreign countries, however, so it is advisable to take the green card with you when you travel abroad with the car. In the event of an accident that involves a vehicle with a foreign licence plate, it is also advised to include the green card number on the European accident report form.

How does it work?

Using our online application, you can specify that you need a green card in the OREH screen. With a press of the button you can print a green card immediately, in addition to the export declaration. Should you wish, it is of course also possible to draw up the green card separately. You can then take advantage of the useful licence plate link.

You can insure the following vehicle categories:

A – Personal vehicle < 3.500 kg
B – Motor bike
C – Truck > 3.500 kg
D – Moped
E – Bus > 3.500 kg
F – Trailer
AF – Personal vehicle + trailer
CF – Truck + trailer


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