How it started

Cargo was founded in 1997 as a family business and still is, a real family business. It all started in a small house on the Ugchelseweg in Apeldoorn. The sisters Bakkenes, Claudia and Nathalie, had the idea to support car exporters in obtaining the necessary export documents. Subsequently, she also arranged the entire shipping process for the exporters, and so Cargo International grew steadily on the ground floor of that one home. After a while reinforcement came, because it was a bit much with just the two of us, and in a short time Cargo grew out of the house. In 2007, 15 people already worked at Cargo. All relations came to the house to arrange the papers, this of course was no longer a matter of course over time.

A quote from owner Claudia Bakkenes about how it started:

“The great thing is that various companies have started sending a few boxes per day with us. With our help this has grown to several full containers per week. Foreign customers also regularly call to ask us if we want to organize their import or export. Purely on the basis of reference and without having seen each other, they entrust us with their documents / goods. The growing number of applications at home (but now also abroad) is something that Cargo is very proud of. “

The first IT solution, what a convenience

To reduce the physical pressure and to be able to serve the relationships even better, the Cargo Services application was developed. Business relations can log in themselves and arrange all import and export matters in the application. Of course, a help desk was also set up immediately to resolve the questions by telephone if necessary. The relationships have always come first and unburdening is the basis of Cargo. Now more than 1,600 members enjoy the convenience of the application and even a new application has been developed that offers even more overview and convenience. The members transfer policy to the new environment so that they experience the first introduction in a pleasant way.

Kantoor foto

Time for a new large and modern office

The growth went so fast and the space became very tight. That is why in 2016 a prestige project was started! Time for a new modern office with a real Cargo International look. Old with new combined, stylish and sleek design. Tight in black. Cargo beautifully highlighted. In 2017 it was time, the office was delivered and on December 8, 2017 there was the grand opening.

It was a wonderful party with a large part of our relationships, family and of course all employees. 20 years after its establishment, we are now ready for the next 20 years, with our beautiful new office as a starting point. A wonderful place to receive our relations and members.

Cargo International to the future

Cargo is ready for the future. A new service application has been set up for even more overview and ease of use. At the moment, all members are being transferred to the new application, which means we can help our members save even more time and money. We are currently working with another 40 employees on the future of Cargo and our members! On May 6, 2019, Cargo was rewarded with the AEO certificate from Customs, this is a great reward for the method and correct way of doing business in the past 20 years, and even more an appreciation and encouragement for the future!

Cargo International is your specialized partner in export, import, shipping and automotive.

Het Cargo-team