Application form Austrian license plate for motor vehicles

Date of first admission (B)
Shipping method

Delivery & billing address

Street + house number
Postal code

Vehicle data

Brand (D.1)
Type (D.2-D.3)
Date of first admission (B)
Colour (R)
Chassis number (E)
Weight (G)
Maximum weight (F.2)
Kilowatts (P.2)
Seats (incl driver) (S.1)
Fuel type (P.3)
Cylinder capacity (P.1)
Number of axles
Axle load 1
Axle load 2
Axle load 3
Axle load 4

Upload your documents:

Scan the sales invoice (Max. 4mb)
Scan of the registration certificate
(front and back, max. 4mb)
Scan the driver's passport (Max. 4mb)

NOTE: Photos are not accepted, the documents must be scanned.