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CARGO online service application

Cargo offers the platform for car companies for handling all possible automotive tasks in one place. Through our service application you can go through the entire process for a car: from safeguarding your company stock to placing it online to advertise in just a few clicks.

But the export operations are also easy to go through in the application! From ‘deregistering for export’ to the required customs documents up to and including the green card for export insurance. Thanks to our handy and comprehensive service application, all data from the previously entered steps are filled in automatically and you save a lot of time.

In the service application, therefore, all possible RDW services are in one overview. Such as your company stock (ORB), online odometer mileage verification, periodic check handling, online registration for export traders (OREH) and export third parties (ED). In addition, it is possible via the application to immediately process the required export & customs documents and green cards.


The service application is available for all CARGO subscribers. Access to the application is included as standard in the subscription. In addition, the subscription offers the possibility to use our dedicated help desk for all your questions. You can also order all required materials through the application, such as plastic plates, license plate printers and stickers. A basic subscription is already available for € 4.50 per month.

With the basic subscription you can easily request the various documents via the service application, such as a EUR.1 or COC document.

The subscription can be extended as desired with more services in the application, this works according to the stacking principle. All the aforementioned services can be activated based on need, so there is never paid for services that you do not use! Please contact us for more information.

CARGO Inventory linking selling tool

Quickly and easily bring your stock to the attention of an infinite number of potential car buyers. It’s possible with the Cargo International advertising module. Through our this module of our service application you can offer all the desired cars from your stock in just a few clicks through more than 100 national and international advertising portals.

At Cargo you do not pay extra transit costs to advertise your stock. With this module there is a choice of 4 available packages: with all packages there is a link between the stock and your own website. The packages also differ in the number of advertising websites to be linked. The 4th package is especially for trucks.

Auto export

You can arrange most for car export via the online services application. Such as the green card, a COC document, BPM export refund and also the German letters (KFZ-zulassung). Shipping can also be arranged through the service application. With a subscription you also benefit from (graduated) discounts on various documents. So in addition to the convenience, you also save on costs.

You can also come to us for temporary license plates for export. Think of the Kurzzeitkennzeichen, Zollkennzeichen or Austrian plates.

Auto import

The entire process for importing a car can be taken care of by Cargo International. This includes transport, documentation, bpm calculations and the clearance of goods. Quickly ask for more information about vehicle import.

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