Export third parties (ED)

When clients have purchased a vehicle from a third party and want to register it for export through your organisation, you will need an export third parties authorisation. Using our online application, you can quickly and easily register these vehicles for export. You can also insure the vehicles for 14 days and, if needed, supply them with a customs document.

What is Export for third parties?

With the RDW export third parties (ED) authorisation you can register vehicles for export for a third party; for example, when your client has purchased a vehicle from a party that cannot register the vehicle for export itself because it does not have the right permit. You can use the Export Dienstverlening authorisation to deregister the vehicle’s licence plate in the Netherlands.

Insuring vehicles for export

Using our online application, you can generate 14-day insurance with a single press of a button. To generate the green card, the information about the vehicle and the client is automatically taken from the Export Third Parties. You can then print the green card yourself.


You can use our online application for your Export for Third Parties. We can also help you apply for the Export Third Parties authorisation with the RDW. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and our sharp rates.

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