Online odometer mileage verification

The RDW maintains a database with the odometer mileage readings of all vehicles in the Netherlands. With our online application you can verify and correct the online odometer mileage verification. Additionally, you can quickly and easily print out an NAP mileage reading report.

Legal obligation to register mileage readings

Since 1 January 2014, car companies are required by law to register odometer mileage readings. It has become illegal to reverse mileage readings or advertise about that. This obligation applies to personal vehicles and light company vehicles (up to 3,500 kg). At the same time, the RDW has taken over the database and registration of odometer mileage readings from the Nationale AutoPas foundation (NAP).

Mileage reading fraud

The RDW is working with the NAP to further reduce the occurrence of mileage reading fraud. By registering mileage readings more often, the chance of fraud is reduced and the mileage readings that have already been registered become more reliable.


You can use our online application to register odometer mileage readings. We can also help you apply for the mileage reading registration authorisation with the RDW. Contact us for more information about the possibilities and our sharp rates.

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