Car export to Africa

Exporting cars to Africa is still an on-growing market and Cargo International plays a big part of that. Especially the used vehicles are popular for export to Africa. For car export to Africa, the shipping department of Cargo International can be of service. The department Cargo Shipping has more than a decade of experience, concerning the exports of goods and vehicles to Africa. You can leave your car in good conscience at Cargo Shipping when it comes to export. Cargo is specialized in export and does not only do shipping but also can arrange all the required export documents.

Car export to Africa, professionally taken care of

Your car export to Africa can be taken care of in a professional way, by consulting Cargo International. We ship cars to all sorts of destinations in Africa. The most popular destinations for car export Africa are Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Angola, Benin and Sierra Leone. Shipping a car will be arranged down to the last detail at Cargo, the same goes for arranging export documents. Since we have the expertise and experience we can inform you about the process of export to Africa, so you always know where you stand. In the field of shipping, Cargo International is an expert but that also concerns the administrative services for export to Africa. Cargo offers ideal online solutions to take care of an efficient and correct way of handling documents.

Export documents for car export to Africa

In order to export cars successfully, multiple export documents can be required before shipping the car of to its destination. Cargo International can arrange every requested document for you. One of the most import documents or transactions that is needed before export is the letter of indemnity. This is the proof that the car is no longer registered on the name of the seller and thus is eligible for export. Besides that, the customs document or EX-a document is necessary and the shipping itself need to be prepared. In order to ship a car, the car needs to be in the port. The transport to the port can also be arranged by Cargo. Because all formalities are at one box-office (Cargo Shipping) this can be taken care of all at once, which saves you time and money.

Car export Africa: Rules and regulations

When Cargo International gets involved for exporting your car, you are assured that everything will be taken care of to the last detail. It regularly occurs that in different African countries, regulations change regarding to the car import in those countries. Cargo International is up-to-date when it comes to rules and regulations in those African countries, the rules that are also applicable for the export of cars to Africa.

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