Exporting cars: No nonsense 

Do you want to export a car? The this article can provide you with all the information regarding facts and other worth knowing things. There are a lot of rules that you to comply to. Cargo International has the contacts and expertise for exporting cars. We can arrange all formalities regarding your car export, quick and flawless. 

Car export for car dealers: The service of Cargo International

As a car dealer, your market share can be increased significantly by the possibility to sell across the border. But selling across international border is a diligent task, because carelessness and errors can lead to major juridical and fiscal consequences. As a specialist, Cargo International knows all the ins and outs of importing, exporting and shipping of vehicles. We can take care of all the paperwork that comes to light and can also take care of the transport of vehicles to their destination.

Car export: Export declaration 

When exporting cars, you first need to end the registration of the vehicle at the Dutch DMV (RDW). This can be arranged at one of the vehicle inspection centres of the RDW or at Cargo International. If you hand in the Dutch license plates, you will receive an export declaration on which states that the car is deregistered in the Netherlands for export and registered on the buyer’s name. 

Car export: Export licence plate 

After signing the car out for export, one cannot drive the car anymore. If you do want to drive it on the road and to your final destination abroad, you will need a Dutch export licence plate. This license plate is valid for fourteen days, and can only be made when the car is signed up for export. The export licence plate does not come with an extra document, but with a notification on the export declaration. Besides have export plates it is also necessary to have a temporary insurance for the car. A standard international export insurance or green card is to be obtained at Cargo International. 

Car export: Temporary licence plates 

If you have a car that does not have a Dutch registration or export plate, Cargo can also provide other temporary export plates in order to drive your car to your destination. It can be quite a time-consuming job to arrange the right licence plates for your car. Cargo International can give you the appropriate advice and can take care of these formalities. Insurance, plates and documents, Cargo can do the job! 

Car export: Conditions and requirements

  • You are 18 years or older 
  • You have a valid identification card (driver’s license, passport, ID-card) 
  • You have the car registration papers / card 
  • You hand in the Dutch licence plates 
  • The vehicle has a valid MOT (APK), when it needs to be driven to its destination 

Car export outside the European Union 

Do you want to export a vehicle outside of the European Union? Cargo International can take care of this very easily. We can take of the administrative burden that comes along with the export, so that you don’t have to contact the customs and the DMV (RDW). 

Car export: Cancelling the registration after export 

Temporary arrangements for license plates are not necessary if the car first will be brought to a foreign country and then will be signed out for export. Then a written request will be made in order to arrange this. This request can be made at the DMV (RDW)thereby a copy of a valid identification card, the Dutch registration card or papers and a copy of the new foreign registration of the vehicle, together with the Dutch licence plates. All this needs to be send to the DMV (RDW) after which the car will be signed out. Cargo International can also help you with this process of course. 

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