Temporary licence plates

Do you need temporary licence plates to export or import your vehicle? Then Cargo International can be of service. We provide various types of licence plates from the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

RDW licence plates

When exporting one or multiple vehicles, you need to remember that each vehicle needs to have a valid technical inspection report in order to receive RDW licence plates. The RDW licence plates for export are only valid for 14 days, unless the vehicle is due for technical inspection before that time. If, for example, the vehicle is up for technical inspection ten days after the export date, the export licence plates will only be valid for ten days as well. We can take care of the administrative side of RDW Online Services, so that you will not have to worry about it.

RDW transit licence plates

A transit licence plate can be used to transport vehicles that have never had a (Dutch) licence plate. With such RDW licence plates, you can transport vehicles both inside and outside Europe, since these plates are valid all over the world. To be eligible for a transit licence plate, the vehicle needs to be located in the Netherlands, however.

A transit licence plate cannot be used to move vehicles into the Netherlands from abroad. Please contact us if you want to transport vehicles and need RDW licence plates. We can also assist you if you plan to move vehicles into the Netherlands from abroad.

German licence plate: Zollkennzeichen

For vehicles that need temporary licence plates for a longer period (more than 30 days), we can supply so-called zollkennzeichens. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Austrian licence plate

Austrian plates are temporarily valid transit license plates used for bridging journeys from A to B. These are intended for use on passenger cars, trucks, trailers, campers and motorbikes.

If you order the Austrian transit plates before 12:00, we will have these available for you in Apeldoorn the following working day.

After receiving your Austrian license plate, you can independently drive your vehicle to your final destination.

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