What are Austrian plates?

Austrian plates are temporarily valid transit license plates used for bridging journeys from A to B. These are intended for use on passenger cars, trucks, trailers, campers and motorbikes.

How do you request an Austrian transit plate?

Requesting Austrian transit plates is easy. The only thing you have to provide is a scan / copy of the registration certificate, the sales invoice and a valid passport. If it concerns a new vehicle without registration, you can also use a COC scan instead of a copy of the registration certificate to submit the application. After application, the license plate is valid for 21 days, with a liability insurance for the same period included in the price.

Pay attention: The 21 days of validity of the transit plates including insurance, start on the day of the request.


  • € 425,- for vehicles excluded VAT
  • € 355,- for trailers excluded VAT

If you order the Austrian transit plates before 12:00, we usually have these available for you in Apeldoorn the following working day.

Request your Austrian number plate now:

Application requirements Austrian registration:

  • Clear PDF scans for all documents at all times – photos (jpg, jpeg or png) are not accepted
  • Copy of vehicle registration papers
  • Copy of sales invoice
  • One power of attorney filled in completely (see below) – depending on the purchasing party on the sales invoice (company or private person)

Go for more security with a hull insurance?

Cover your risk with the hull insurance, this is possible for vehicles heavier than 3,500 kg and up to 10 years old. The maximum damage payment is then the sales amount according to the invoice. Want to know more about the airframe insurance? Please contact us quickly: contact form or +31 (0)55-533 9443.

When do you need transit plates?

A vehicle with a European registration number has been bought or sold. You or your customer wants to drive the vehicle (or have it driven) to the desired destination in Europe. You stand with your hands in your hair because the car has already been deregistered abroad and is not allowed on the road.

In this case, Austrian transit plates offer the solution. After receiving your Austrian number plates you can drive your vehicle to your final destination (or have it driven).