Transport insurance

When importing or exporting vehicles, it is important to have it insured when the car needs to be driven to its destination. Cargo International is a specialist in the field of import, export and shipping, which means that we can assist you with excellent advice regarding to transport insurance, transport and more. Every company gets to deal with transport risks and that is why it is of great importance that the coverage of the insurance needs to be harmonised with these risks. Cargo has a broad network in which it collaborates with reliable partners. The transport risks of your company can be mapped by Cargo, through which a solid advice can be given.

Difference in transport insurances

The coverage of a transport insurance differentiates in an insurance policy for damage to own goods during the transportation and in a liability insurance for the carrier. With the export of goods or vehicles, the international coverage plays an important role. For every form of transport it is keen, that damage during the transportation will be prevented. In that context, Cargo can always give a solid advice to prevent this form of damage during transport, so that there is no need for an appeal to the insurance. A transport insurance can have a short term- or a comprehensive coverage. With a comprehensive coverage, all goods during every form of transport will be insured via the transport insurance. With a short term coverage, every transport needs to be re-insured.

Coverage of the transport insurance

With a transport insurance, the coverage will be having influence to the contribution rate. The amount of the contribution rate and the available coverage for a transport insurance depend on the kind of goods that are being transported, but also the vulnerability of the to be transported goods counts. On top of that, the transportation method plays its part, just as the area in which the goods are being transported.

Importance of the transport insurance

The importance of a transport insurance should not be underestimated. It does not matter whether it contains import or export or if the transportation is inside or outside the EU. Shipments are being transported in different ways and with every shipment there is a risk of damage. To exclude possible financial risks, a transport insurance offers a solution. It is possible to insure a transport route, so that no discussion arises with the insurance company if damages occurs. It is not always that easy to proof when the cargo has been damaged. The same goes for attributing the damage. A transport insurance not only covers the transportation period, but also the time of loading and unloading. Loading and unloading also is a part of the transport. So it is important to have a good coverage which suits the cargo and the transport. This goes for all forms of transport; air, way or sea. The services that Cargo International offers are also covered by these insurances, like shipping a container, shipping vehicles, transport via road or air cargo. For a customised advice you can always contact Cargo!

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