Environmental sticker Germany

In Germany, an environmental sticker is mandatory in designated environment zones, so-called “Umweltzones.” You may only drive into such a zone if your vehicle has an environmental sticker. The environmental sticker is also known as the environmental vignette or Umweltplakette.

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Why a German environmental sticker?

An environmental sticker serves as proof that a vehicle (personal vehicle, camper, company vehicle or bus) meets a number of set environmental norms regarding emission levels. The goal of these environmental stickers is to improve the air quality in urban areas. For this reason, the environmental sticker is becoming mandatory in an increasing number of city centres in Germany. If you do not plan on driving through cities and will only be using highways to travel in Germany, you will not need an environmental sticker. Old-timers equipped with an H-licence plate, ambulances and tractors are also not required to carry an environmental sticker.

How can you recognise an environmental zone or Umweltzone?

Environmental zones are known as Umweltzones in Germany. Each environmental zone is clearly designated with traffic signs. When entering an Umweltzone, you will see a round traffic sign with a red border. Within the circle, the word “Umwelt” is written, with the word “Zone” beneath it. You may be fined for entering an environmental zone without a valid environmental sticker on your vehicle.

Current environmental zones in Germany

Milieusticker duitsland

Currently, Germany has 68 environmental zones with more to be added in the future, for which you will also need an environmental sticker. Most cities, including Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Erfurt, Dresden, Bremen and Hannover, already require an environmental sticker.

Yellow and green environmental stickers

There are several categories of environmental zones, each requiring their own sticker colour. These days, only the yellow and green environmental stickers are still in use.

A car can receive a yellow sticker if it is a diesel-powered car that was admitted between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2005. The green sticker can be acquired for diesel-powered cars admitted since 1 January 2006 and gasoline-powered card admitted since 1 January 1993.

Vehicles that meet the Euro-1 emission standard are not eligible for an environmental sticker.

Placing the environmental sticker

The environmental sticker always needs to be placed in a clearly visible position on the windshield of the car when entering an environmental zone in Germany. Stickers are linked to the licence plate number/chassis number. If your windshield is replaced, you will have to get a new environmental sticker.

Ordering a German environmental sticker

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