United Kingdom

As always, the United Kingdom is our largest trading partner after Belgium and Germany. For example, the import value of goods from the United Kingdom in 2018 was € 26.3 billion, while the export value of goods was even € 39.6 billion. There are, however, a number of major changes ahead, which will have an impact on trade opportunities and the way in which they will have to be dealt with.


However, from 1 November 2019 the United Kingdom (consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) will no longer be part of the European Union. In the run-up to that date, it seems more and more that a hard Brexit, also known as a no-deal Brexit, will take place. This has far-reaching consequences, such as customs controls, regulations for the import and export of products and quality requirements. Everything depends on trade agreements to be negotiated.

This does not alter the fact that you yourself can also take steps to continue doing business with the United Kingdom in a simple way in the future. Consider, for example, applying for an EORI number.

Are you also curious whether you are already Brexit-proof? Then do the Brexit scan of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

With a population of nearly 65 million people, the United Kingdom is not only one of the largest countries in terms of population, but also one of the largest economic powers in Europe. For the Netherlands, the UK is the third exporting country with an export value of € 39.6 billion in 2018. The overview below provides an overview of the top 25 product divisions in recent years in millions of euros (Source: CBS). Over the centuries, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have established a very good trade relationship that offers an abundance of opportunities. Perhaps also for you.

Useful addresses for UK

To successfully market your product in the UK it can be very useful to build a network. For one that goes without saying, but for another it can be useful to get a helping hand. Organizations such as embassies and international Chambers of Commerce can offer support in this. They can also inform you about any laws and regulations that may apply to you.

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With our application you can easily create any desired export or customs document and you have all your documentation at one convenient location that is always available. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether, for example, a EUR.1 certificate or CvO is recommended and you can also request this directly.