Environmental stickers Germany

In Germany, a law entered into force on the 1st of January 2008, which claimed that for some vehicles, some city centers have been declared forbidden. These forbidden zones are called “Umweltzones”. The prohibition also goes for foreigners. The number of cities increases almost every year. You can order your environmental stickers easily in our webshop.

Order your Umweltplakette easily via our webshop!


Umweltzones are prohibited areas for polluting cars. All cars without an environmental stickers are seen as polluting cars. Only cars equipped with an Umweltplakette may enter the Umweltzones. Foreign cars must also be equipped with an ‘Umweltplakette‘ environmental sticker, in order to enter the Umwelt zone.

Be aware that, even if you do not intend to enter an Umweltzone by car, you may have diverted routes in cities (due to road closures, roadworks or an accident for example) which can lead you through Umweltzones. In that case, an Umweltplakette is also required.

Umweltplaketten / environmentalsticker

Umweltplaketten exist in two different colours and are issued based on the emission classes of the cars. For a rough indication, the following data of the different emission classes can be used:

  • Green sticker: Petrol cars built after 31-12-1992 and diesel cars built after 31-12-2005
  • Yellow sticker diesel cars built between 31-12-2000 and 01-01-2006

Is the year of construction of your car not included here because your vehicle is older? Then your vehicle does not meet the emission requirements in the Umweltzones in Germany and therefore you cannot enter them.

It is possible that some cars are built before (or after) the date of commencement but still meet the emission requirements. This means, that these cars will get a higher or lower rank of Umweltpakette. Some diesel cars can be fitted with a soot filter with a KBA approval in order to get a higher rank of emission sticker.

Access to the city centres

The colour of the sticker is important because the access to an Umweltzone may depend on the colour of the sticker. The most Umweltzones can only be accessed by cars with a green sticker. Cars without a sticker, or with a yellow sticker may not enter that zone. With which colour sticker a car is allowed to enter the specific Umweltzone is indicated on the street signs.

For passenger cars, delivery vans, buses and lorries, the environmental sticker must be attached to the windshield, where it is clearly visible. Motorcycles and mopeds are excluded of the rule.

Order your Umweltplakette

Order your Umweltplakette easily via our webshop.
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