Motorway vignette Austria

If you want to use the motorway in Austria, you have a vignette duty for vehicles up to 3.500 kg (with or without caravan/trailer). For the Austrian vignette, nowadays a digital toll sticker can be issued instead of the sticker that normally is attached to the windscreen. You can order your digital Austrian vignette now at Cargo.

Order your vignette directly in our webshop!

There are 3 options for the vignette: 

  • The annual vignette is valid for one calendar year and costs €87,30 excl. handlings and shipping costs*. (valid from 01-12-18 untill 31-01-19)
    The price for motorcycles is €34,70.
  • The 2 months vignette, costs €26,20 excl. handling- and shipping costs*.
    (2 months valid from the day that is chosen)
    The price for motorcycles is €13,10.
  • The 10 day vignette costs 9,00 excl. handeling and shipping costs*.
    (valid for 10 consecutive days)
    The price for motorcycles is 5,20. 

If you have a vehicle that weighs more than 3.500 kg, you have to meet other standards. A Go-box needs to be purchased in order to drive on the Austrian motorways. For more information please contact one of our employees.

The right to withdraw!

When you order a digital vignette for Austria, the right of withdrawal expires. Normally you have to request the vignette 18 days before your departure. If you order at Cargo, you don’t have to request the vignette in advance and you can activate the vignette on the indicated travel date by yourself. On top of that, you can also make changes to the vignette such as registration number or travel date, up to one working day before departure.

  • No right of withdrawal
  • No new vignette with a new window is needed
  • Receive it directly. No waiting time for the mail!
  • No shipping costs

Price vignette Austria

An Austria vignette for motor vehicles is starting from € 9, – (excl. handling and shipping costs) and is to be ordered in our webshop. Order before 17:00 hours and we will send it the same day!