Do you have plans to export? Or do you export more often, but are you curious whether it can be easier or faster? We, Cargo International, have 20 years of experience with this and are happy to think along with you for more simplicity in your processes and the creation of export or customs documents.

There are a lot of things involved in exporting, various documents and these also differ from country to country. There are all kinds of trade agreements between countries and every product falls within a customs goods code. On this page you will find links to the documents and more information about the various documents. We also highlight the 15 largest export countries for the Netherlands. Everything to make it as understandable as possible for you.

Customs vs. export documents

There are different documents. Basically there are 2 types: customs documents & export documents.

There are 3 customs documents: EX-A, EU-A and the CO-A. We can prepare all 3 of these for you or deliver via the application.

  • EX-A is for countries outside the European Union.
  • EU-A for the EFTA countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. In addition to the EFTA countries mentioned, 5 more countries are covered by this arrangement: Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Andorra and San Marino.
  • CO-A is for European countries, here it is mainly about island groups, such as the Canary Islands.

There are various export documents, these are needed to pay less import duty or even to pay no duty at all or because of trade policy measures. We can prepare all of these for you or deliver via the application. Below we describe the 3 most important ones:

  • EUR.1 certificate may entitle you to a discount or possibly even exemption from import duties. This applies to all countries with which the European Union has a trade agreement.
  • Certificate of Origine (CoO) may be required in some countries outside the EU. Often because of trade measures, boycotts or import restrictions.
  • A.TR-document is for trade between EU member states and Turkey. The A.TR document is an origin document and not an origin document. The origin must be in the EU or Turkey.

The big difference is that a customs document is needed to be able to import and import goods at 0% VAT, where the export documents are required for no or less import levy or because of trade policy measures: such as boycotting, import restrictions and import quotas.

Export, what is involved?

You are going or want to export, then there is a lot involved. To make the most important things quick and clear for you, we have made an export table. Here you can see for each country which customs and / or export documents you need, view the table under ‘Top 15’. If we offer more information, the country is clickable for all ins & outs. Think of embassy data, most important goods groups, Chambers of Commerce and regulations. This way you can start your export adventure well.

For more information about international business, please refer to the website of Internationaal ondernemen.

Do you want to expand your export markets? Or is this the first country outside the Netherlands that you will conquer? Whatever it is, starting exporting is a great challenge. A challenge that involves a number of things. How does it work in the exporting country, which documents do I need, but certainly also what do I have to take into account when I start? On the country pages we provide as much information as possible about the specific country. But on the ‘start exporting’ page we will tell you all the basic things that are important and what you should consider for the smoothest possible start.

United Kingdom (UK) With the BREXIT new rules will follow
United States of America (USA) X
China X
Switzerland X X
Russia X
Turkey X X X
Singapore X
South Korea X
Norway X X
Japan X
Taiwan X
Canada X X
Nigeria X
United Arabic Emirates (UAE) X X
Brasil X

Knowledge and insights naturally help in making the right choices and seeing the greatest export opportunities. We use the data from CBS-Statline for this. Here you will find all figures from the Dutch export groups and all export countries. You can even combine the specific figures per country with cross tables.

Check them out CBS-Statline

Arrange all your documentation easily and quickly via our online application

You need the right documentation for every shipment. This is precise work and where many different data must be entered. We believe in the power of simplicity and convenience. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to help you with this. Our services have been developed in such a way that they can easily be integrated into your business processes.

With our application you have all your documentation in one convenient location that can be reached from anywhere. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether a EUR.1 import document is recommended and you can also request it directly.

More about our online customs application

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AEO certificate

We have the AEO certificate Customs (Authorized Economic Operator). After a strict procedure, the Dutch customs Cargo has awarded the C (customs simplification) certification. The AEO certificate is an international recognition. This naturally brings benefits. Consider faster processing, priority checking and a lot of time saving! Read more…