Customs document (EX-A)

Do you export goods to a company outside the EU? That entitles you to sell at a 0% VAT rate. However, you have to be able to prove that the goods have left the EU. This can be proven with a customs document.

Proof of export

With the customs document (EX-A), or the customs declaration of export, you can prove that your goods have left the EU. We can draw up this declaration for you at a low rate. Additionally, we can supply the required export documents.

If you regularly export goods, it might be interesting to draw up your own customs documents using our online export declaration application.

How do customs documents work?

All customs documents have to be requested digitally from the customs office. They will evaluate the declaration and determine if the goods can be exported. In the event of an inspection, the goods need to be physically present at the location specified in your declaration. If that is not the case, customs will fine you.

Once customs approves the export, the goods can be moved to the location from which they will be leaving the EU, like a port. At the final border within the EU, the customs document needs to be scanned. Once the goods have actually left the EU, you will automatically receive a Confirmation of Exit, with which you can prove to the tax authority that your use of the 0% VAT rate is justified.

Requesting a customs document

Do you export goods outside the EU or do you want us to draw up a customs document? We will need the following documents from you:

  • Invoice
  • Authorisation
  • In case of a vehicle: Copy of the registration certificate

Please note that the goods need to be present at the specified location. You can send your application along with the aforementioned documents to We will handle your request as soon as possible.


Contact us to enquire about the cost of a customs document (EX-A). If you declare goods on a regular basis, it might be profitable to declare your own exports via our application.

The advantages of making an online customs document:

  • File documentation, by uploading your documents you always have your files up-to-date.
  • Simply click through to other documents, such as an EUR.1 or CVO.


Feel free to contact Cargo if you have any more questions regarding the customs documentation.

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