CO-A customs document

Export within Europe? Then you normally do not need a customs document. But if you export to island groups that are part of a European member state, you still need a customs document. In this case it is a CO-A document. You can request your documents quickly through us or format yourself through our online customs application.  

With the customs document (CO-A), or the customs export declaration. It is proof of export, the Confirmation of Exit. With this proof you show that you have correctly invoiced 0% VAT.

Request the CO-A document directly:

Send us the correct documents and information so that we can get started quickly. As soon as we have received your details, we will provide you with a quote. If you agree, we will immediately prepare the documents.

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    To upload:

    • Invoice

    • Copy of registration (in case of a car)

    • Authorisation

    Arrange all your documentation easily and quickly via our online application

    With our application you can easily create any desired document and you have all your documentation in one convenient location that can be reached from anywhere. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether a EUR.1 import document is recommended and you can also request it directly.

    Export documents

    If you are going to export it may also be that you still need export documents. This is different per country. We are happy to tell you more about this on the page about export documents.
    Read more about export documents.

    AEO certificate

    We have the AEO certificate Customs (Authorized Economic Operator). After a strict procedure, the Dutch customs Cargo has awarded the C (customs simplification) certification. The AEO certificate is an international recognition. This naturally brings benefits. Consider faster processing, priority checking and a lot of time saving! Read more…