A.TR document

Export to Turkey? Unlike an EUR.1 document, an A.TR document is not a document of origin but a document of origin, specifically intended for transactions between EU countries and Turkey.

How does the A.TR document work?

According to the customs agreement that the EU has concluded with Turkey, most goods can be imported without import duties. The condition for this is that the origin of the goods lies in the EU or Turkey. This is recorded in the A.TR document.

The document will be validated by the customs authorities at the same time as the export declaration. We are happy to help you arrange your export document.

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    Arrange all your documentation easily and quickly via our online application

    With our application you can easily create any desired document and you have all your documentation in one convenient location that can be reached from anywhere. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether a EUR.1 or A.TR import document is recommended and you can also request it directly.

    AEO certificate

    We have the AEO certificate Customs (Authorized Economic Operator). After a strict procedure, the Dutch customs Cargo has awarded the C (customs simplification) certification. The AEO certificate is an international recognition. This naturally brings benefits. Think faster processing, priority checking and lots of time saving! Read more.