EUR.1 certificate

A EUR.1 certificate entitles the importer in the country of destination to a discount on or even exemption from import duties. It is valid in all countries with which the EU has a trade agreement.

How does it work?

When an importer wishes to take advantage of a discount on or exemption from import duties, the “preferential origin” of the products needs to be proven. The EUR.1 certificate makes that possible.

The EUR.1 certificate can be requested when the products were manufactured in the European Union and are being exported to a country with which the EU has a trade agreement. When these conditions are met, the EUR.1 certificate needs to be filled out and then stamped by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce will only stamp the certificate when you supply the correct documentation (including a declaration from the supplier that lists the origin of the products). Next, the customs office also has to stamp the certificate.

Is it mandatory?

The use of a EUR.1 certificate is not mandatory. It might be in the best interest of your clients, though, since they can use it to their financial benefit. In some cases, however, there is little difference between the general and preferential rates, so that it is hardly worth the effort to request a EUR.1 certificate. We can tell you more about whether or not a EUR.1 certificate would be of value to you!

Have us take care of your request

Due to our customs licence we can supply you with a EUR.1 certificate, without you having to visit the Chamber of Commerce or the customs office. This will save you both time and money.

We will draw up the document for you and request the necessary documentation. For this, we will need the following:

  • Invoice
  • Customs document
    (not required if that was drawn up by us)
  • Picture of the type plaque
    (only in case of machinery)
  • Copy of the licence plate
    (only in case of vehicles)
  • Authorisation
EUR.1 certificaat

If you mail or fax us the documentation before 11:30 AM, we can draw up the EUR.1 certificate for you that same day!

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