EUR.1 certificate

Export to a country with which the EU has a trade agreement? Then a EUR.1 certificate gives the importer in the country of destination the right to a discount or even exemption from import duties.

The “preferential origin” of the products can be demonstrated with the EUR.1 certificate. This allows the importer to benefit from a discount or exemption from import duties. The EUR.1 certificate can be applied for when products are manufactured in the European Union and are exported to a country with a trade agreement. Have your goods been manufactured outside the European Union? Then a CoO may offer a solution for you.

If all this applies, the EUR.1 certificate can be requested. The application is checked by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce approves the document only when the correct supporting documents have been supplied (including the supplier’s declaration on which the origin is stated). As a final step, Customs must stamp the certificate.

Is the EUR.1 certificate mandatory?

The EUR.1 certificate is not mandatory, but your importer can benefit from it because it gains a financial benefit. In some cases, however, there is little difference between the general and preferential rates, which means that it is not immediately worthwhile to request a EUR.1. We are happy to look with you to see if a EUR.1 pays off for you!

EUR.1 certificaat

Request the EUR.1 certificate

We can provide your EUR.1 thanks to our customs license. Then you don’t have to go to the Chamber of Commerce. We can also provide you with a copy stamped by customs. Everything for your convenience. You no longer need to go anywhere and therefore save time and costs. We take care of preparing the document and requesting the required supporting documents.

If you mail the papers to us before 11.30 am, we have the EUR.1 certificate ready for you the same day!

  • Invoice
  • Supplier statement: Downloaden
  • Authorization: Downloaden
  • Photograph of the nameplate (this only applies to machines)
  • Copy of license plate (this only applies to vehicles)
  • Customs document (If not made by CARGO)

Request the EUR.1 Certificate immediately

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    To upload (PDF only):

    • Invoice (max. 4mb)

    • Customs document (max. 4mb)

    • Suppliers declaration (max. 4mb)

    • Authorisation (max. 4mb)

    • Copy of registration (max. 4mb) (in case of a car)

    • Photo of the name plate (only applicable for machines) (max. 4mb)

    Arrange all your documentation easily and quickly via our online application

    With our application you can easily create any desired document and you have all your documentation in one convenient location that can be reached from anywhere. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether a EUR.1 import document is recommended and you can also request it directly.

    AEO certificate

    We have the AEO certificate Customs (Authorized Economic Operator). After a strict procedure, the Dutch customs Cargo has awarded the C (customs simplification) certification. The AEO certificate is an international recognition. This naturally brings benefits. Consider faster processing, priority checking and a lot of time saving! Read more.