Legalising a document

A document that is legal in the Netherlands is not necessarily also legal in the country with which you do business. Your foreign client might therefore request a legalised document. Legalising a document can be made by Cargo International.

What does it mean to legalise a document?

Legalisation is the statement that a document was issued by an authorised individual and that the signature on the document actually belongs to the signatory. Legalisation of export documents is handled by the Chamber of Commerce, using a stamp.

Why legalise a document?

When you legalise a signature, this offers you additional legal security in international trading. For example, your foreign client will know that the document you signed is legal. Documents that often need legalisation include invoices of sales, manifests and supplier declarations.

Have us legalise your documents

You can have us legalise your documents at a low cost. Since 1 January 2014 it is no longer possible to have your document legalised at the office window of the Chamber of Commerce. Instead, you will need a direct digital connection to the Chamber.

How does legalising a document work?

A document is legalised via the following steps:

  • You fill out this authorisation one time. This ensures that we can legalise documents in your name. You will still be responsible for the correctness of the documents.
  • You send us the authorisation and the document you want legalised digitally or via regular mail. Please note that the document needs to be printed on original stationary. Additionally, it must list the name of an authorised signatory who is registered in the trade register.
  • Once the document has been legalised, we will print it in colour and send it back to you. You can then add a signature to the document.

Do you have any questions?

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