Legalizing documents

Your Dutch documents are not automatically valid abroad. Also not automatically in the country with which you do business. It is therefore possible that your foreign customer requests a legalized document. We can legalize your document.

Legalization is the determination that a document has been issued by an authorized person and that the signature on the document is indeed from the signatory. Legalization of invoices and other export documents is done by the Chamber of Commerce by means of a stamp.

Legalizing a signature provides additional legal certainty in international trade. For example, your foreign customer knows that the document that you have signed is valid. Common documents that need to be legalized are sales invoices, packing lists and supplier statements.

Have a document legalized by us

We can legalize your documents at an attractive rate. Since 1 January 2014 it is no longer possible to have your document legalized at the counter of the Chamber of Commerce. You need a direct digital connection to the Chamber of Commerce for this.

How does legalizing a document work?

  • You enter the authorization once. This authorization ensures that we can legalize documents on your behalf. You remain responsible for the accuracy of the documents.
  • You send the authorization and the document to be legalized. Digital (please as a PDF) or by post.
    Note: the document must be printed on original letter paper. In addition, the name of an authorized person who is registered in the trade register must be stated and the person above must sign the document.
  • We will send you the printed document. As soon as the document is legalized, we print it in color and send it to you.

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