Online customs application

Do you export regularly and do you therefore need customs or export documents more often? Then you naturally look for speed and convenience. Creating customs documents is important and must be done meticulously. Inaccuracies in the documents can cost you time and money. The online customs application provides a lot of convenience. Create all documents in one place and then they are immediately saved in your history. This way, all your documents can always be found quickly. The check of your applications by CARGO also offers certainty and reduces the risk of inaccuracies.

Everything is possible with the application

All this is possible with our online customs application. You make all required customs and export documents quickly and easily through our application. The application speaks for itself, guides you through the entire process, saves the documents you have created and sends them directly to customs for approval. This of course only after a correctness check by our team. In no time you have all legal documents and you can start exporting!

Customs application

Do you also want to use the application?

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    Advantages of online export declaration:

    • Ease of use: our application is easy to use and everything can be found quickly;
    • Fast: creating a document via the application is done in just a few minutes.
    • Direct status insights: never call after your request status, this is immediately visible.
    • Administration: 100% conclusive! So you are always entitled to the VAT zero rate as soon as the document has been scanned and you have a Confirmation of Exit.
    • Save costs: through automation we offer our services, application and service very competitively.
    • Save time: no more trips to customs, but your declaration directly from the desktop or tablet.

    Use of the customs application and costs

    As a customs expert, we have developed software with which we can make a digital declaration to customs. We also make this software available to our subscribers. Do you create documents more often? Then the customs subscription is very interesting, since the price per document is a lot sharper. The subscription can of course be canceled per month. The application works in a natural way, making the creation of an export or customs document a ‘simple fill-in exercise’. This saves you time and money for every export and customs document that you create.

    An EORI number is a must if you want to export. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification. This number ensures that everyone can be identified in the same way, in all countries. The EORI number is issued by the country where the company is located.


    AEO certificate

    We have the AEO certificate Customs (Authorized Economic Operator). After a strict procedure, the Dutch customs Cargo has awarded the C (customs simplification) certification. The AEO certificate is an international recognition. This naturally brings benefits. Think faster processing, priority checking and lots of time saving! Read more.