Online customs document

Do you regularly require customs documents? It might be interesting for you to use our online software with which you can request your own online customs documents.

Automatic and cheap

As a customs expert, we have developed software with which we can make digital declarations to the customs office. We have made this software available to our clients as well. That means you can make your own online customs documents and declarations, easily and at a very low rate!

Advantages of online export declarations

  • User-friendly: the application is easy to use and will remember your information, as well as that of your clients
  • Quick: making a declaration with the application is done in a matter of minutes
  • Direct overview: you will no longer have to call to enquire about the status of your request. The application displays this automatically and immediately
  • Matching administration: your administration will be 100% correct, ensuring that you are always entitled to use the 0% VAT rate
  • Save on costs: by automating our system, we are able to offer you this service at a fraction of the costs that you would pay elsewhere
  • Save time: you will no longer have to drive to the customs office. Instead, you can take care of your declaration from behind your computer or with your Smartphone

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