Start exporting

Start exporting? You have a wonderful product and want to conquer the world. Then of course you would like to export the product abroad. What do you have to think about and pay attention to? We give you various tools and tips here, so that you do not start the adventure unprepared.

Export: Start at the beginning

If you are going to start exporting, start at the beginning. Good preparation lies at the basis of a successful business. Take a good look at the country to which you want to export and make a solid plan to get started.


Research is key when you are exporting to a foreign country. Every country has its own customs, culture, tax rules and legislation. Being prepared for this offers strength in the negotiations with your customers and ensures a good understanding with all stakeholders there.

If there are many of them somewhere, anywhere in the world, they are laws and regulations. Local rules, national rules. There are laws and regulations everywhere and they are different everywhere. Always ensure that you familiarize yourself with those local and national rules. Or go to the embassy of the specific country to know what to take into account.

Culture is a word that you hear a lot in the Netherlands alone. But this is of great importance for every country, culture and customs determine the we-feeling in a country. Residents are proud of their country and that stems from this kind of habits and culture as it has grown over the many years. To be able to settle somewhere and to get in well somewhere, it is wise to understand and get to know the customs and culture of a country. This provides mutual, respect and more openness.

Another theme that is different in every country and therefore important to deepen is tax. Do you have to pay tax in your own country, if so what rate and under which conditions. The same naturally applies to the destination country. What needs to be paid and where are you at.

If you are going to export, in addition to all the rules and customs, there are also requirements when it comes to documentation. Different documents apply to countries outside the EU, for example to prove that the correct tax rate (0%) has been applied. Or to have to pay less or no import tax.

The export plan

Make sure that you record the research results well and make a plan for how you will perform the export. In addition to the points above, consider your motives for exporting, an overview of investment costs and transportation. Capture it all well.

Needs for export

If you are going to export, you will need an EORI number. This is a must for export. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification. This number ensures that everyone can be identified in the same way in all countries. The EORI number is issued by the country where the company is located.

Arrange all your documentation easily and quickly via our online application

With our application you can easily create any desired document and you have all your documentation in one convenient location that is always available. If you create an export document, the system immediately shows whether, for example, a EUR.1 certificate or CvO is recommended and you can also request this directly.