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Questions regarding export

What do I need to bring to export via Cargo?

  • Licence plate number/registration certificate
  • Licence plates
  • Temporary document number (only for businesses)

We sell goods outside the EU. How can I get customs documents?

With Cargo Export you can acquire all required customs documentation online. If you would like more information, please contact one of our employees via telephone or fill out the contact form on our site.

Can I renew an export licence plate?

Once the 14-day validity period has expired, it is not possible to renew an export licence plate. The vehicle needs to have a valid technical inspection report during the export licence plate’s validity period.

Questions regarding shipping

Can you give me a quote for the shipping of goods via telephone?

Many destinations have standard rates. To prevent misunderstandings, we prefer to give quotes in writing. You can fill out the application form on our website.

Do I need to bring my shipment to the port myself?

You can bring your goods or vehicle to the port yourself. If you decide to do so, please account for the opening hours of the port depots. We can also pick up the goods or the vehicle from your home address and deliver it to the port for you.

What does groupage mean?

If you only have a few cubic metres (m3) to ship, this is known as groupage. Your shipment is delivered on pallets and transported along with other shipments, in order to give you a cheaper rate. Please contact us for more information about our palletising service.

How large is a container?

There are several different types of containers in which you can ship your goods. You can find the right solution for your goods in the overview.

Questions regarding the webshop

Can I also pick up an environmental sticker at Cargo?

Certainly, we are open every weekday from 09:00 to 17:30.

What if my sticker does not arrive or arrives too late?

Cargo does everything it can to meet the delivery times listed on the website. However, we cannot be held responsible for a tardy delivery or a package lost by a third party, through unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control.

What is my order arrives in a damaged state?

Cargo does everything it can to carefully package the parcels it ships. However, we cannot be held responsible for damages incurred during transport. If the product itself is also damaged, you can contact our helpdesk at +31 (0)55-5339443.

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