Do you want to import a car? We can help you with that. Every year, we import hundreds of cars from all across the globe and supply them with a Dutch licence plate.

Importing cars

There is more to importing cars than you might think. After you have purchased a vehicle abroad, you will have to meet various demands before you are allowed to actually drive your imported car in the Netherlands. You will have to transport the car, supply it with a licence plate, make a vehicle registration tax declaration, make sure the car is in a proper technical state, take out temporary insurance to have the car inspected, take care of the vehicle registration and fill out various forms. We can help you with this entire process, or select parts of it.


The costs vary per vehicle and country of origin. Your car on Dutch license plates can be arranged quickly and easily by Cargo! Press the button below to start your import process.

Vehicle registration tax for imported cars

You are required to pay vehicle registration tax for a large number of vehicle categories. This also applies to vehicles you have imported yourself. To calculate the vehicle registration tax for imported cars, you will need the right instruments. We can calculate the most beneficial vehicle registration tax rate for your imported car, and support the claim. The vehicle registration tax is always calculated within the guidelines of the tax authority. This ensures that you never pay too much and that you will not get any nasty surprises later on.

Our advantages

  • We can take care of the entire import process for you, from transport to delivery at your doorstep.
  • Through close cooperation with customs and the RDW we can ensure that your request is processed quickly.
  • We will unburden you of the administrative hassle of importing cars.
  • We are quick, efficient, reliable, and offer sharp rates!

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