Calculating BPM when importing cars 

The concept of BPM relates to the tax that needs to be paid for all passenger cars and motorcycles. As a specialised Dutch forwarder, Cargo has the knowledge and experience to calculate your BPM amount as beneficial as possible. Use our expertise and prevent paying too much for your BPM import. 


Cargo calculates the bpm for your import car, quickly and easily. The amount of the remaining bpm varies per vehicle and can increase considerably. Cargo calculates the most advantageous declaration for you. Press the button below to start immediately.

BPM Import calculation

BPM Import applies to everyone who imports a car from abroad. The Tax on Passenger Cars and Motorcycles stipulates that the BPM declaration first must be made before your car can be registered on a Dutch licence plateThe BPM is levied on all cars that are used for the first time in the Netherlands. 

The amount that needs to be paid for the vehicle, depends on several factors. For example, the amount of tax that need to be paid is calculated, based of the original consumer price of the car in the Netherlands. In addition, the prices of extra options on the car are included. On top of that, the CO2 emissions of the car also depend on the amount of tax. 

The BPM’s depreciation table

When importing a used car, a discount is given on the BPM that needs to be paid. For an old car, less BPM needs to be paid in comparison to a much younger car. The Tax an Customs Administration uses inter alia the depreciations table. 

In the depreciation table (see figure on the right) there are three columns, with the age being expressed in months in the first column. In the second column you will find the cumulative depreciation in a percentage and in the third column the remaining BPM. 

Cargo International can unburden you of the full BPM declaration and (if required) also the entire import process, including transport and the registration of the car. Cargo has years of experience in the field of importexport and shipping and takes all necessary formalities into account. We are more than happy to calculate the BPM Import for you, and keep the most advantageous options open for you. 

BPM Import

Importing cars and calculating the BPM; Work for a specialist 

Calculating the BPM is a real job for the specialist, where online calculation modules can only give you an indication. You will be faced with unpleasant surprises if you calculate based on these modulesBeside the fact that you can calculate the BPM via the depreciation table, there are other options. 

It is also possible to calculate the depreciation of BPM on the basis on the price list. In addition, there is also the possibility to calculate the BPM basis on an appraisal report. These three options of calculating the BPM can be applied to any car as long the car is imported from a EU-country. If you hand over the BPM calculation to Cargo, you can save hundreds to thousands of euros. 

The BPM import declaration, when importing a car 

We can take care of the BPM Import declaration for you, by filling in the form and calculate the exact amount that needs to be paid for the import. After the declaration, the car can be registered directly at the RDW. A registration number will be issued, after which the Dutch license plates can be applied for. After that, the Tax Authorities will then automatically send the invoice that relates to the motor vehicle tax that needs to be paid.  

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