Buying a car in Germany 

You want to buy a car in Germany and import it to the Netherlands? We are glad to assist you. When you are buying a car in Germany and want to import it,  various steps must be made. Cargo International can carry out the entire import process for you. Cargo can, among other things, take care of the necessary inspection and declaration of the BPM and of course it is possible to have the car transported to the Netherlands by us as well. Cargo International is the specialist in the import and export of goods. 

Costs of buying a car

The costs vary per vehicle and country of origin. Your car on Dutch license plates is possible starting from € 495,-. Press the button below to start your import.

Buying a car in Germany with a temporary licence plate 

Buying a car in Germany and importing it to the Netherlands is bound by rules. For example, if you buy a car in Germany and want to drive it back to the Netherlands, you can request a Kurzzeitkennzeichen. On the day of transport there must be a valid registration number, which can be lead back to the car. The Kurzzeitkennzeichen is a German licence plate with insurance certificate that has a validity of five days and is ideally suited to transport the car from Germany to the Dutch boarder in a legal manner. During the validity period of five days, the car is insured under civil liability. 

When buying a car in Germany you can choose to have it transported by Cargo or drive the car to the Netherlands by yourself, for which you can then use the KurzzeitkenzeichenBut the temporary license plate is only valid in Germany. When entering a car in the Netherlands, the car will have to be provided with a Dutch plate. It is possible to request a one-day badge for the day on which the car will be inspected by the RDW. If you do not arrange a plate, you will have to transport the car from the boarder to its location. 

Buying a car in Germany brings a lot work. You can also consider outsourcing the entire process to Cargo International, so you do not have to worry about anything. 

Advantages of buying a car in Germany 

Buying a car in Germany offers several advantages. In the first place, it can result in considerable cost savings if one or more cars are purchased in Germany. Buying a car in Germany also offers more options in regard to the choice of good quality vehicles. If you hand over the process of buying a car in Germany to Cargo International, we will take care of an insured transport to the Netherlands and arrange all import formalities. You will receive the car with a Dutch registration number, ready to go. 

Buying a car in Germany and importing it to the Netherlands 

The process of buying a car in Germany and importing it to the Netherlands can be easily handed over to Cargo International. We are experts in the field of import, export and shipping and are aware of all the import rules. 

After having passed the inspection at the RDW, a declaration will have to be made for the car tax. Cargo can provide this declaration for you in a professional manner. After having made the declaration and having carried out the inspection, the Dutch vehicle registration certificate will be delivered within a few days, after the agreement of the tax authorities and the RDW, the Dutch registration plates can be requested. With Cargo International, buying a car in Germany and arranging its import can be done quick and efficiently. 

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