Calculating BPM

BPM comes done to the tax on passenger cars and motorcycles, that have to be paid (once). Calculating BPM can be done very easily by contacting Cargo International.

Tax authorities

Would you like to calculate the BPM by yourself, then check the website of the Dutch tax authorities to enter all the required data. You are probably aware of the facts that the BPM is an effective incentive to purchase an economical car. Because a car that emits not a lot of CO2 causes much less damage to the environment than an old car with a lot of CO2. Which is a stimulating incentive to buy an environmental friendly car. 

Calculating BPM when purchasing a vehicle 

Normally the importer of the vehicle takes care of calculation and payment of the BPM. However, if you buy a vehicle with a foreign registration number, you must calculate the BPM and pay the amount before you can drive the vehicle. In addition to the BPM, the sales tax and the import duties also must be paid. 

BPM exemption 

Calculating the BPM for the use of a vehicle with a temporary foreign registration number in the Netherlands is not necessary. You can apply for an exemption for BPM for the temporary use of a car with a foreign registration number in the Netherlands. However, this exemption only applies to a car if this car does not drives around in the Netherlands for more than two weeks per year. This regulation also applies to the motor vehicle tax. Remember however, that you must request this before the vehicle is present in the Netherlands. Calculating the BPM can then be skipped. 

Exporting a passenger car or motorcycle 

The moment you export your car to another country in Europe, you will be eligible for a refund of the BPM. For this, a written request for restitution is required in order to claim the overpaid BPM. 

Cargo International calculates the BPM for you 

If you want to make sure that the method of calculating the BPM is correct, you can contact Cargo Import. The Dutch Forwarding Company Cargo International specialises in the takeover and service concerning the BPM refund. The necessary documents such as tax forms and foreign registration can be arranged quickly so that you can receive remaining BPM amount within five working days on your bank account. 

Calculating the BPM without risks or worries 

Cargo Import can take everything off your hands. However, it is important that the car in question is  signed out for export by Cargo Import at our service centre in Apeldoorn. The vehicle in question must comply with the legislation in order to make the BPM calculation and refund. To make sure everything runs smoothly, you must include an invoice that is addressed to Cargo Import. A complete set of license plates, VAT number, ID, the original registration certificate and the vehicle itself, is also required. 

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