Car import Belgium with the help of Cargo International.

Car import Belgium – Do you want to import a car from Belgium? Or perhaps add a large number of cars to your fleet simultaneously? Then contact Cargo International. We can alleviate the work for you and can ensure correct handling. 

Costs of importing a car

The costs vary per vehicle and country of origin. Your car on Dutch license plates is possible starting from € 495,-. Press the button below to start your import.

Why import a car from Belgium? 

Importing a car from Belgium can be very interesting financially. There is no BPM in Belgium, which makes new cars a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. This translates itself into cheaper second-hand cars. But if you want to import a car from Belgium, you have to pay BPM in the Netherlands. So first make a good calculation whether or not importing a car from Belgium is worth it. 

Importing a car from Belgium yourself 

Do you want to import a car from Belgium? Then there are a number of things that you have to take into account. In contrast to the Netherlands, you do not have to overwrite the registration number to your name. Once you have paid the vehicle, you will receive the proof of ownership and the car papers. But, you are not allowed to drive on the road yet. This is because: 

  • If you are going to import a car from Belgium yourself, you must apply for a temporary registration number in Belgium. That costs you extra money, but you can drive to the Netherlands with that. This is in contrast to the German temporary license plate. 
  • If you want to import a car from Belgium yourself, you must also ensure that the car has a basic insurance at the least 
  • Another point of attention when importing a car from Belgium is the Certificate of Origin. You must apply for this CVO from the seller in Belgium. This certificate helps speeding up the import process. 

Cargo can import your car from Belgium 

Importing a car from Belgium by driving it yourself costs a lot of money. It is much easier and less time-consuming to have the car transported by Cargo. We have all the materials to arrange this flawlessly, from door to door. 

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