Car Import Germany

Car import Germany – The quality of German cars is unsurpassed and world famous for its robustness, luxury and reliability. An additional advantage is that the prices of new and used cars in Germany are much lower than in the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that companies and private customers are looking for ways to import their dream car from Germany. However, there are quite a few administrative procedures to undertake when importing a vehicle from Germany.  

The cars must be deregistered in Germany and then registered at the RDW in the Netherlands again, to get inspected and admitted for the Dutch road network. Do not forget the mandatory insurance and you will also have to fill in various import and export documents in both the Netherlands and Germany. The application for temporary registration plates and registration documents for car import Germany is also part of this. Cargo can help and support you with the import of a German car. 

Costs of importing a car

The costs vary per vehicle and country of origin. Your car on Dutch license plates is possible starting from € 495,-. Press the button below to start your import.

Administrative support for car import Germany 

The administrative actions to make car import from Germany successful can be quite overwhelming for you, by which you cannot see the forest through the trees anymore. Cargo therefore gladly takes care of the administrative work for you. If you want, we can also take care of the entire import process. Cargo is always there for guidance that you want. 

Cargo does not have 9-to-5 work ethic and mediates as an intermediary in the transport of your car from Germany to the Netherlands. Importing a car from Germany thus becomes an attractive option, without you having to make a lot of effort. You have more time available to search for suitable cars, ensuring that you do not have to worry about the correct administrative actions. 

The Car import Germany fully taken care of 

Cargo helps you take care of the entire process of importing a car from Germany and is specialized in the administrative services of export documentation, to support the transport of vehicles to their destination. We are willing to help you with the proper handling of German car import so that you can search carefree for the best German cars there are. 

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