Kurzzeitkennzeichen for car import

Whether you are looking for a car for private use or to resell, nowadays it is getting more and more interesting to look over the Dutch borders for a car. After all, with the ‘open borders’ in the EU, the field of import and export of goods is getting easier. Obviously, there are certain rules that you must adhere to and it is wise to obtain all the necessary information in advance for a smooth transaction. Cargo International is happy to assist you in various areas, such as arranging a Kurzzeitkennzeichen when importing a car from Germany.

When do you use a Kurzzeitkennzeichen?

The licence plate is especially suitable when you want to transport a German car to the Netherlands. As the name says the licence plate is valid for five days, which is always enough for these kinds of trips. Although you should be aware of the fact that the plate isn’t valid in the Netherlands. This means that you can only drive your car to the Dutch border.

Whats’s different about a Kurzzeitkennzeichen?

First of all, the limited validity of five days is different. In addition, the Kurzzeitkennzeichen is intended for only a few purposes according to German legislation. For example, the Kurzzeitkennzeichen can be used to make a test drive. It is also allowed for the journey from the point of purchase to the place where the vehicle will be inspected. Visually, the Kurzzeitkennzeichen also looks a bit different. The licence plate can be recognised by the yellow band.

Assistance in requesting a Kurzzeitkennzeichen

When applying for a Kurzzeitkennzeichen, Cargo International offers you the possibility to unburden this for you. In this way, you can be assured that you have the licence plate on time, so you can make use of the German roads. We provide you with two number plates, including the temporary registration certificate and the insurance certificate. Quick and easy managed with Cargo International.

Complete service for all your requests

In addition to being able to take care of a temporary licence plate for you, Cargo International can also help you with many other aspects. For example arranging the transport, the whole import process, or making a calculation of the bpm tax in the Netherlands.

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