Air freight

As an air freight shipping agent we can ship your air freight across the globe from virtually every location.

Home to home shipments

We can ship your freight from “home to home.” We will make sure that the shipment is collected at your home and delivered to its destination. You can also choose to have the recipient pick up the shipment from the airport.

Air freight documentation

In addition to the air freight shipment itself, we can also take care of the necessary documents for you, like customs and export documents. We offer an all-inclusive service and will do our very best to make sure that your shipment is delivered to the right address quickly and without incident.


Not everything can be transported by airplane. For example, it is not allowed to transport dangerous substances without proper documentation. Many countries also have strict rules regarding the import of organic products like fruit or herbs. We can provide you with all the advice you need regarding the (im)possibilities of air freight.

Request an offer without obligations

Based on the dimensions of the package (length x width x height), the weight of your shipment, the pick-up location and the destination, we can draw up a good offer for you, free of obligation.

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