Bill of lading (B/L)

Cargo International is happy to help you with your export documents. By sea by road or by air, you can have your goods transported in various ways. Cargo International is a Dutch forwarder specialised in transporting goods worldwide. With Cargo International you have a partner who has the expertise to bring your goods from A to B quickly, safely and undamaged. The transport of your car, container or goods is in good hands with Cargo International. Besides the fact that we can transport your goods, we can also help with administrative task and export documents as well as a ‘Bill of Lading’. Save time, avoid delays and customs fines and choose Cargo International. 

Bill of Lading, what is it? 

For each mode of transport by sea, air or road, you should provide a transport document or bill of lading. A transport document such as a Bill of Lading, records the contract of the transport, so that the transporter can prove that he is entitled to transport the goods on behalf of the owner and to deliver them at the place of destination. In addition, a B/L is obligated to identify the goods. Every form of transport has a different transport document. If you choose to ship your goods as sea freight owner, then you need a B/L. A shipping bill, originally intended solely for transporting goods over the sea, is now also used for inland shipping. In a Bill of Lading is information about e.g. the shipping and transport conditions, the goods, the shipping company, the consignor, the shipping agent and the consignee. There are several types, such as a B/L with name, a B/L on order and a straight Bill of Lading. The difference between the different types is the tradability and transferability of a particular type of Bill of Lading. 

Cargo International will assist you in choosing and installing your B/L 

Which transport document do you need? How should I transport my goods and what should be on it? A Bill of Lading can raise many questions, questions Cargo International would like to answer for you. If you set up a B/L with missing data, it could cost a lot of time and money. The employees of Cargo International know exactly what a bill of lading should contain and can advise you about your shipment.

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