Shipping a container safely with Cargo International 

Cargo International is the shipping partner you need, when you want to transport your vehicles or goods via a container. Over the years Cargo International has specialised in shipping goods to Africa. The top destinations on this continent are: Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Angola and Sierra Leone. Cargo International also has been handling container transport to many countries in the Mediterranean area as well. The six top destinations in this region are: Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya. Cargo International does not only take care of the physical container traffic, but also offers you the expertise and advice for every stage during the transportation time. 

Worldwide container traffic 

For the container transport of your goods, you can rent or buy a 20 or 40ft container for example. Goods need to be cooled can be shipped in a reefer container. Does your container needs to be placed on a trailer for transport? No problem. Cargo International can unburden you in every way, when dealing with: 

  • Advice on the most efficient way of container transport;
  • Picking the container up at any desired address within Europe;
  • Delivering the container to the desired port;
  • The complete handling of the necessary customs documents;
  • Arranging the RDW documents when transporting vehicles.

Booking a container online 

In order to make it as easy as possible for our clients, Cargo International offers a form, which can be filled in when requesting for a quote, or when one wants to make a booking. Fill out the form with all the required data and let us inform you about your shipment. When you want to receive complementary information about the services of Cargo International you can always get in to touch via +31 (0)55-5342622 by phone or by e-mail. The employees of Cargo International have the experience and knowledge to be of service. You want a reliable partner for your shipment? Contact Cargo International now!

Container traffic insured during transport 

Shipping your container with Cargo International means that you have knowledge, reliability and personal attention within reach for your shipment. In addition, Cargo International offers the possibility to insure your goods during the transportation time. This insurance expires when the goods are being delivered in the port of destination. We gladly inform you about the options and prices of the insurances for your cargo. 

Request a quote for your container traffic

The prices of container transport depend on the sort of goods that need to be transported. When you want to ship your goods via a reliable partner, then Cargo International is glad to assist. Contact us for our competitive prices and request a quote. After filling out the form we strive to answer your request within 24 hours. At Cargo International every shipment gets our personal attention. 

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