Transport a container

Do you want to transport a container, while giving a high priority to efficiency and speed? Then Cargo International is your partner. As a specialised Dutch forwarding company, we can offer you various possibilities in the field of container transport. We are gladly to assist you when you want to transport a container to its country of destination. In addition, Cargo International has a worldwide network regarding container transport by sea. Your goods can also be transported via road of course. Let us be your intermediary and take care of all the required documents and organise it down to the last detail. 

Container transport via sea 

Transporting a container oversees can be done worldwide. This includes transporting a cooled content. When transporting a container we can be of service from begin to end and with all that comes in between. This way you can always fall back on an expert and get advice for every situation. Within every destination in Europe, the container can be picked-up and dropped-off on every location. Get in contact with Cargo International and let us arrange all formalities, without you having to worry about anything. 

Advantages of Container transport 

Container transport has multiple advantages. In the first place, shipping a container comes with a great deal of flexibility regarding the preconditions. Besides that, it also is user convenience when you want to ship your cargo worldwide. Choose from a wide range of containers such as a 20ft, 40ft or a reefer container. A container can be rented, but when you want to ship goods regularly back and forth to another country, it can be also be an option to buy one. 

Formalities regarding container transport 

In terms of container transport, there are a lot of formalities that need to be dealt with. Shipping a container requires that there need to be carried out multiple actions in order to comply to the conditions of the shipment. A lot of companies therefore make use of a forwarding company such as Cargo International, to deal with all the administrative actions, giving them a guarantee that no mistakes are made. Cargo International is a logistic partner that participates in the process and giving you information and advice along the way.  

Book your container transport or request a quote 

Cargo International offers you, concerning transporting a container, the possibility to fill out an online form about your shipment. This can be related to request a quote for the shipment, or to book immediately. Shipping your goods with Cargo International is done via the most efficient way possible, so that costs can be kept low. Contact us now and ship your goods with Cargo International! 

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