Cargo International: Customs agent for the export of vehicles outside the European Union 

Cargo International is a customs agent who has many years of experience in dealing with administrative tasks concerning export documentation of vehicles and goods. When it is about the export of vehicles or goods to outside the European Union, a foreign buyer can take advantage of the lowered customs duty on imports, or no customs duty at all. The condition is that the vehicle must be of EU origin and that the country of destination has a trade agreement with the European Union. 

A customs expeditor unburdens 

Although a buyer can claim that his shipment applies to all the required conditions, he still needs to proof this in the country of destination. This can be done with a EUR.1 certificate. This export document, needs to be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce and by the customs, in the country of the seller. For a layman (buyer or seller), the process of arranging the correct documents can be quite time-consuming. Cargo International has (as a forwarding agent) a customs permit at its disposal and can therefore provide you with an export document such as an EUR.1 certificate, without you having to go to the Chamber of Commerce or the customs by yourself. In this way, you save time and money. 

How quick does Cargo International can provide you with an EUR.1 Certificate? 

If you e-mail the following documents to Cargo International before 11.30am. the export document can be ready the same day! The following documents are needed: 

  • An authorisation;
  • A suppliers declaration;
  • An invoice;
  • An EX-A customs document;
  • A copy registration certificate (only applicable for vehicles);
  • A supplier’s declaration (only applicable to other goods / products);
  • Photos of the chassis number (only applicable for machines).

We are more than willing to accept your application! 

Do you need an EX-A customs document? 

When exporting your vehicles or goods to countries outside of the European Union, the shipment must contain a declaration and an EX-A customs document. This is required when the invoice of the shipment doesn’t have VAT in it. This is allowed for such kind of shipments, but then the EX-A document needs to be made. This customs document also needs to be made when one wants an EUR.1 certificate. The declaration for these documents can be made online via the application of Cargo International or via e-mail. 

The required documents for an EX-A document are: 

  • The vehicle itself (Not if you are an online customer and have an own loading location);
  • The invoice addressed to the foreign buyer with an address outside the EU;
  • The registration papers;
  • Copy of the ID of the buyer.

Do you also want to request an EX-A document? Contact Cargo International now!

Advantages of Cargo International as customs agent 

You don’t need to have you own customs permit in order to request export documents. Cargo International does this for you, which saves you a lot of administrative tasks. When requesting for an EX-A document, you only have to concern about the loading location. The rest of the tasks does Cargo International for you. Send the documents of the shipment and let us make the documents. Within 10 minutes you have an answer and know if the car can be moved from the loading location or not. Cargo International not only delivers your export documents fast, but also for a competitive price. Do you also want your export documents to be arranged down to the last detail? Choose Cargo International as a reliable export partner. 

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