Shipping a vehicle

We can transport your vehicle worldwide on a ship (ro/ro) or in a container. Which option is best for you depends on your wishes and the destination. We can help you make the best choice, when shipping a vehicle.

Shipping vehicles worldwide

Through our worldwide network, we can offer you virtually every destination in the world. We have fixed rates for destinations around the Mediterranean and in South America. Please contact us for current rates and transit times.

Shipping vehicles with ro/ro or in a container

Vehicles can be shipped in two ways. Ro/ro stands for “roll on-roll off.” This means that the vehicle is driven on and off the ship. On the ship itself, the vehicle will be parked amongst other vehicles, in much the same way as when you take a ferry with your car. It is often cheaper to ship your vehicle in this manner.

Shipping vehicles to Africa

We can ship your vehicle across the world. However, we are the undisputed specialist when it comes to shipping goods to Africa. Our most popular destinations in Africa are:

  • Nigeria – Lagos
  • Ghana – Tema | Takoradi
  • Togo – Lome
  • Benin – Cotonou
  • Senegal – Dakar
  • Sierra Leone – Freetown
  • Cameroon – Douala
  • Gambia – Banjul
  • And more: Ivory coast, Guinea, Liberia, Gabon, Congo, Morocco, Bata & Mauritania

Our service

We will take care of the entire process of shipping your vehicle(s). This includes:

  • Giving advice on how to ship your goods
  • Picking up the goods from an address of your choosing
  • Delivering the goods to the port of departure of your choosing
  • Taking care of formalities with the customs office
  • Drawing up RDW documents (including exemption and export declaration)
  • Insuring your goods during transport

Exporting used electrical or electronic devices

We would like to inform you about the way you have to ship used electrical or electronic equipment. The Environment and Transport Inspection has clearly stated the guidelines in a booklet. Download the English version here.

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