A shipping agent who unburdens you 

Do you have a freight or cargo that you want to ship to somewhere in Europe or anywhere else in the world? Cargo International is happy to help you. A shipping agent who offers customised solutions and unburdens you when transporting internationally. 

A shipping company needs to take a lot into account such as administrative formalities, special permits, transporting demands, import demands and all the required documents that come along the way. All these factors can be taken care of by Cargo International. Get into touch and make a request for your shipment. Let us arrange the whole import or export process. From picking the goods up until the point of delivery, anywhere in the world. High quality service, which you can expect from a forwarding company. 

What can you expect of Cargo International? 

The core business of a forwarding company is to transport cargo from A to B and arrange all the right documents that are required for this shipment. Cargo International is an all-round forwarding company. Besides transporting goods, we also perform as a customs clearance agent which helps you unburden in administrative tasks regarding the customs. Of course, you would like to know what is to be expected when exporting and what not. There are good reasons why you should choose for Cargo International. A few examples are as follows: 

Cargo International can help you with all sorts of transport. Even if you want to import or export a car, we can take care of all the required documents. This way, you are certain that all the right legal, fiscal and administrative obligations concerning the shipment are arranged. Unburden yourself and let Cargo International help you with your im- or export. 

In addition, you can also contact Cargo International for your temporary licence plates. We can offer you various options such as the German Kurzzeitkennzeichen and the Zollkennzeichen, an Austrian license plate and of course the Dutch export license plates. 

Do you have any questions?

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